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Climate Positive Financing for an Ecologically Sustainable and Economically Diverse Future

Adapting to and combating climate change through aquaculture investment

Northampton, MA –News Direct– GreenMoney Journal

Seeding mussel rope with biodegradable cotton; photo courtesy of Pemaquid Mussel Farms

Seeding mussel rope with biodegradable cotton; photo courtesy of Pemaquid Mussel Farms

by Leah Thibault, marketing and communications manager at CEI Maine

When it comes to climate change, oceans are the bellwether of our shifting circumstances. For states like Maine, with a heritage and economy heavily tied to the sea, this is increasingly apparent in the changing behaviors of marine creatures. (Read more about the changes in the article)

These changes are also affecting people’s lives and livelihoods. For the thousands of workers employed in Maine’s iconic fishing industry, known for its sustainable management of marine resources, commercial aquaculture can be a part of the solution, helping to retain a vibrant working waterfront and build on the state’s reputation as a source of high-quality seafood, while reducing climate change impact.

When implemented and managed appropriately, aquaculture expands food production, boosts economic growth in coastal and rural areas, and improves the health of ocean ecosystems. Certain species, such as kelp, can also directly combat climate change by sequestering vast amounts of carbon – up to 20 times more carbon per acre than land forests.

Read more about how Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (CEI), a community development financial institution (CDFI) is setting an important example by investing locally because investing in aquaculture supports community economic development and helps diversify income streams along the rural coastline. All here at –

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