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Finance Minister projected to win

NHK’s decision desk is projecting that the Iwate No.2 district will go to Finance Minister Suzuki Shunichi of Liberal Democratic Party.

In the Iwate No.2 district, three candidates ran for a single seat. This district covers coastal areas devastated by earthquake and tsunami in 2011. Recovering from the disaster has been drawing attention as a point of contention in the district.

Liberal Democratic Party’s Suzuki Shunichi is the finance minister. He previously served several ministers during his three-decade political career including the environment minister and minister for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.
His father was a prime minister back in the 1980s.

Constitutional Democratic Party’s newcomer, Obayashi Masahide, moved to the district after the disaster to support reconstruction. Then, he had served as a city assembly member for 6 years.

Arakawa Junko is a candidate of the party fighting against NHK in the trial for violating Article 72 of the Attorney Act. She is from Kanagawa Prefecture, near Tokyo.

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