Author: Don Obrien

Letter: Vote Craig Curley For Board Of Finance Because He Cares

I met Craig Curley 15 years ago when our boys played T-ball with Fairfield National Little League. We initially coached against each other, then coached All Stars together for five years. We formed an AAU travel team together and coached Legion together. I’ve had a lot of opportunity to get to know Craig, and I know once he commits to something, he’s dedicated, he’s passionate, he’s all in.

While with FNLL, Craig couldn’t just coach, he stepped up to be our division coordinator for seven years. The fields weren’t in great condition, so Craig stepped up again to take on the field coordinator role for the entire league (700-plus players at the time). Craig oversaw three major field renovations (all completed under budget) and was the driving force behind getting irrigation and a grass infield at Fairfield Woods — a much needed improvement.

Point being, Craig gets involved because he cares. He wanted all of those 700-plus FNLL players to have a better experience. As treasurer of FNLL, I worked closely with Craig on these projects. I’ve seen his passion and attention to detail. I know he is efficient, transparent, and fiscally responsible. His willingness to take on responsibility and his commitment to a cause or project are unmatched. Craig Curley is someone who gets things done. I know that he will do an excellent job on the Board of Finance and the entire town will benefit.

I’ve rarely met a person who gives more of himself and asks for nothing in return than Craig Curley. Once again, he does things because he cares. It’s that simple. My wife, kids, and I plan to vote for Craig Curley on Nov. 2. I hope you will too.

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Oliver Bolt

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