Author: Don Obrien

Letter: ‘Vote for Chris Parkin for Redding Board of Finance’

I have had the privilege of serving with Chris Parkin on Redding’s Board of Education for the past four years. Chris works tirelessly to improve efficiency both financially and in operating procedures. While his skill and leadership would be greatly missed on the Board of Education, I know that he would bring the same level of efficiency to the Board of Finance, and the town of Redding would benefit immensely. The school budget comprises most of the town’s expenditure, and Parkin has first-hand knowledge of the challenges facing our schools, but also the ability to offer practical, applicable solutions that will save taxpayers money, and improve the long-term fiscal health of Redding. Chris Parkin is uniquely qualified in this way, and would be a tremendous asset to the Board of Finance. Please vote for Chris Parkin for Board of Finance on Tuesday.

Heather Whaley

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Oliver Bolt

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