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Premier Panton to headline at major regional climate finance summit

Cayman Premier and Minister of Sustainability and Climate Resiliency, Wayne Panton, has confirmed that he will be speaking at the inaugural Caribbean ESG & Climate Financing Summit this November 17-18, timed to coincide with the conclusion of the COP26 talks.

Designed to accelerate momentum towards a new financing ecosystem for the region, the event will gather Caribbean borrowers, lenders and investors to mainstream the concept and rollout of ESG and climate finance region-wide. 

In the context of climate finance, ESG refers to the use of Environmental, Social and Governance factors to evaluate companies and countries on how far advanced they are with sustainability. Once enough data has been acquired on these three metrics, they can be integrated into the investment process when deciding what equities or bonds to buy.

Over the course of two days, the Caribbean ESG & Climate Financing Summit will make the case that ESG financing is an agent, not an impediment, for growth and long-term competitiveness. Delegates will explore the financing tools currently available, and the players already active in this space.

Mr Panton’s participation at such an event comes as no surprise. His environmental aspirations for the Cayman Islands have been a central element of his platform since elections. At a Chamber meeting on July 8, the premier indicated that sustainable development in Cayman will be achieved through a revision of the Cayman’s national development plan which will be brought into alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Said Mr Panton:

Broadly speaking, our [the PACT government’s] vision is of a Cayman Islands that is held up as one of the most sustainable countries in the world, a trio of islands where ALL its citizens can thrive; a peaceful and prosperous place known for its resourcefulness, its diligence, its excellence, and its innovativeness.

According to New Energy Events, organizers of the event, “The flow of ESG and climate financing to Caribbean sovereign and private sector borrowers over the course of the next decade will shape the future of the region. Get it right, and it will define a new era of regional competitiveness and climate resilience.” 

Taking both a debt and equity perspective, the conference will reinforce that ESG as a concept and an asset class isn’t alternative or esoteric and is in fact the new normal and a key to further growth in the region.

Other confirmed speakers will include: Nigel Baptiste, President and Chief Executive Officer of Republic Financial Holdings Limited and Managing Director of Republic Bank Limited, Gema Sacristan, Chief Investment Officer of IDB Invest, Thomas Bishop, Climate Investment Officer, Private Sector Facility of the Green Climate Fund and David Staples, Executive Director of Williams Industries Inc. (Barbados).

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