Author: Don Obrien

Rhode Island’s foodservice and restaurant industry’s financial security in danger of being wiped out by Delta Variant

The following was submitted and provided by the Rhode Island Hospitality Association

The RI Hospitality Association (RIHA), the National Restaurant Association, and 50 other state restaurant association partners sent a letter to Congressional leadership sharing new national consumer confidence survey findings and urging swift replenishment of the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF). Rhode Island has more than 1,523 pending applications that total more than $208,933,000 in stabilization funding that would be addressed by the $60 billion proposed replenishment bills. The letter urges Congress to complete the mission of the RRF and provide adequate funds to replenish the program and offer relief for the applications still pending.

“There are thousands of Rhode Island small business owners waiting to find out if they will get the financial stability needed to make it through this new pandemic threat and into the future,” said RI Hospitality Association President/CEO Dale J. Venturini. “The rise of coronavirus variants like delta threaten to push these restaurants closer to permanently closing their doors. Our industry desperately needs RRF funding.”

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