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SU will provide financial support for surrounding neighborhoods

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The city of Syracuse and Syracuse University established a new services agreement under which the university will provide financial support to community services for surrounding neighborhoods, according to a Wednesday release from Mayor Ben Walsh’s office.

The agreement, which is valid through 2026, will provide a total of $11 million in revenue to the city over five years. The city of Syracuse and SU established their first services agreement in 1994. 

SU is the only nonprofit institution that provides a voluntary services payment to the city, the release reads. The university will increase its annual payment to the city from $1 million to $2 million by 2025. 

The university will maintain in-kind services — services that are not monetary — which include contributions to the Syracuse City School District, public safety, parks maintenance and other community services. 


The university will also add additional in-kind services valued at roughly $465,000, but the release did not specify what these services will be. 

In addition to the services agreement, SU will also provide $500,000 to distribute to community organizations around the area in support of their programs and services. The university will also provide maintenance around a portion of Thornden Park along Ostrom Avenue. 

Additional services under the agreement — which cost approximately $150,000 — include the following: 

  • Pedestrian safety on Ostrom Avenue near Thornden Park 
  • Assistance in the permitting process
  • Hiring a new code inspector for the university area
  • Utilize SU’s Schine Student Center and South Campus as training rotations for the city’s Police Cadets


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